It all started for me on a Radio Shack keyboard in the sixth grade. I wrote my first “songs” over the demo drum beats and eventually started multi tracking into the built in recorder. There isn’t much more to say about it and I wouldn’t let you hear them if I could, but that started something within me. Cue montage of hardcore bands through high school, various bands in college, and getting a songwriting degree. You get the picture, it didn’t go away.


Over the years I developed an interest in production, mostly out of a necessity to record my own bands. Around the middle of 2011 I got in touch with a studio in the Lynchburg, VA area called Hallow Tree Studios and started interning. By the end of the year I had moved up to co-engineer with the owner and eventually took over as head engineer and studio manager. Over my years at Hallow Tree I got to work on projects with a lot of great artists and developed a love for working alongside them as they chase their passion.


In the summer of 2014 my band Hemingway had put out our first album and were looking at touring, so I decided to leave Hallow Tree. Since then Hemingway has put out an ep, a couple of singles, and a second album called Middleground. We’ve toured around the east coast, playing with a lot of awesome bands, and we don’t have any plans of slowing down. In the time between I’ve started to put out some music on my own, while also continuing to work with other artists on their projects.

That pretty much brings us up to today. The goal is the same as it was when I first got that keyboard: make music. It’s happening in a lot of ways these days, I’m always looking for places to play, people to play with, and artists who need a hand getting their music into the hands of their fans. There’s nothing I love doing more and I’m doing everything I know how to make sure I never stop.


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