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I’ve worked on a lot of projects in a lot of environments, ranging from a professional recording studio equipped with top of the line gear to home recordings with nothing but entry level mics and a budget interface. I have relationships with more than one studio as well as my own gear. Basically, I’m willing to work with you.


Rates will be determined based on a conversation about what your plans are for your project and what your budget is. I will work to create a plan that will allow you to complete your project within your budget and make sure that it is something you will be happy with.


For mixing work I divide it up into three categories: drum editing, vocal tuning, and mixing. If you simply wish to have me edit your drums for feel and tempo corrections and return the edited tracks to you for mixing elsewhere, I can do that. The same is true for vocal tuning. Mixing is what I would consider the creative process of cleaning up the recording, balancing levels, panning, compression, eq, etc. In other words the creative framing of your recorded song. Depending on your wishes this can also include both drum editing and vocal tuning.


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